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Facts against fakes: How the GADMO fact checkers work

Conspiracy myths and targeted disinformation campaigns are posing major new challenges. Lies and misinformation on the web are nothing new, but they are spreading faster than ever before. They have the potential to cause division in society and endanger democracy. The fact-checking partners in the GADMO project consider it their task to counter this through sound journalistic research. They carry out such research throughout the German-speaking area.

Each of the partners AFP, APA, CORRECTIV.Faktencheck and dpa has its own independent fact-checking editorial team that checks possible false claims and produces fact checks. Although they exchange information under the GADMO umbrella, they work independently of each other in their research. Therefore, it can also happen that several fact-checking articles are published on the GADMO site on one topic.

A fact check examines a particular factual claim for its truthfulness and comes to an assessment at the end: Is the claim false? Or correct? Is crucial context missing for understanding? The key here is clear, comprehensible argumentation in which all sources are reproduced and, wherever possible, supported by links. Statements of opinion are not the subject of fact checks. Moreover, the editorial teams decide on the publication independently and without external influence.

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All fact-checking partners are certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).

Other fact-checking services in the German-speaking area:
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